Tribute To Our Fallen Officer: Remember When You Go Against Him, You’re Going Against Everyone In Blue

The passing of a fellow unknown comrade has got me thinking again about the society we live in and this job. I haven’t been in this thin blue line for long but I can safety say that my fellow comrades would very much feel the same grief and heartache.

It’s disappointing and heartbreaking to know that people have no respect for Home Team Officers. I’m not talking about those who attend and participate in the Home Team Festival to show support to Home Team officers. I’m talking about people in general, perhaps the minority. So take no offence at all. Just like how you jump upon every chance to demean and condemn them. I’m taking this chance to say my thoughts.

His fatality has brought you joy in many ways. But little did you know that he’s probably the one who stop someone else from speeding so your family would come home unhurt.

You talk about abuse of powers but you have no idea how much of domestic abuse and violence he has seen, just enough to use necessary force to subdue a subject.

You call in sick due to “flu, slight headache, or fever”, and enjoy your day, while he works despite having all these exact symptoms so that at the end of the day, you get to sleep peacefully.

You have the luxury of having long and uninterrupted meal breaks not having to worry about work at all. While he barely has time for a drink on certain days.

You work 8 hours a day and have the audacity to talk about work life balance while he works on a average of 14 hours a day.

You made sure you had your phones with you before you left home while he catches the last glimpse of home before heading to work not knowing if it could be his last.

You criticise the police force and say they are never good enough at how they do or what they do. But the officer blast the siren, while the person in front of him refuses to move or give way, because he thinks that he has the right of way, or probably because he’s on the phone.

You laugh at fallen officer about how stupid they are. But that officer runs into every situation when everyone else is running away from it, in order to make sure no one gets hurt or loses their life doing it. You go against him for any reason you could possibly have but, as soon as you need help, he is there.

He gets scrutinised for almost everything he does, be it in good faith or bad, but we take it in a positive light because we provide an extraordinary service. One that no other sectors provide. He don’t need you to be thankful for everything he does, but at the very least, hope that you don’t scrutinise him for every single little thing he does.

You see what you choose to see or talk about, but there’s also things that you are absolutely unaware of.

If you disagree with the fact that our police force is one of the best of its kind in the world and that we are just not good enough to your standards. I challenge you to don this uniform and walk the ground. I challenge you to live in a city where your soul, peace and security is at treat every single minute.

Let me quote a close colleague of mine who said, In this line of duty, it’s always about “I don’t know if I’ll make to home to see my family again.” To some you might find it foolish, because you take for granted that Singapore is just safe and secure, and nothing could possibility go wrong. Then I’m here to tell you that you’re every bit as wrong. Read up, the threat ain’t getting any smaller or further.

So before you go on a rampage. Stop and take a minute to think. When you go against him you’re going against everyone in blue. Because what we do here, is MORE THAN JUST A JOB.

Here’s a quote from the movie, End of Watch.

Source: Karthik Vinod

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