Ramadan Iftar Food Donation Drive At Al Firdaus Mosque

Salaam My Muslim brothers & Sisters. Fyi.

Look around us. Today we have lots of foreign workers here. Some of them are muslims. I have by chance happen to go to Al Firdaus mosque @Jalan Ibadah (infront of HomeTeam) Jalan Bahar. The jammaah on weekend was humoungous. The mosque make the normal preparation for iftar, not knowing the number of jammah will swell unexpectedly. I was informed they have 300 jamaah on Saturday n 500 jamaah on Sunday. Last minute they have to rush to buy more food to meet the numbers.

Masha allah, I hope we can help the mosque in term of sedekah in any ways. Like cooking or buying food to assist the mosque or any donation in kind to the mosque. Its a small and quaint mosque more like our ‘old kampung mosque.’
Its our chance to feed the poor and musafirs. Let them bring home the memories of “beautiful ramadhan’ in our place. I will be doing my part, in shaa allah. You can contact the mosque direct tel 67646334. Ustaz Gauz and Puan Rosnah of Masjid Firdaus, is there to assist. Wassalam. Sis Rohana


Source: Mohamed Nazeer

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