Agen Ahmad Ibrahim: I Want To Help The Less Fortunate But Some Of Them Don’t Want To Help Themselves

Nak cerita sikit ! Minggu lepas sya ada buat pengistaran nak bagi percuma susu kanak kanak pada yg memerlukan . Ini kali yg kedua sya lakukan. Sya post di sebuah portal di FB, dan response sgt mengalakan. But i restrict to 2 pack of baby milk to each requestor. Cut short. I make it a point for them to collect from my residence in the Pasir Ris collection on Saturday @1pm 2 requestor i agreed to give on Saturday n 1 on Sunday.

All responded n agreed, as they said they are in need as their children milk are running low, hubby not working, they really need it , etc etc ..So come Saturday , time 1pm has past till 6pm and late night the person/s that promise to come never even bother to call or sms to say they never ever gonna turn up. Same goes for the Sunday .

Well to the person/s that saw my posting im so sorry cos since you didnt turn up to get the milk powder as agreed, you have also missed out on the good cash donation i wanted to give to you if you had turned up. ( cos i wanted to see the genuine one make an effort to come)

I told my wife, its ok lets give these milk to Charitable group. Case closed.


Source: Ahmad Ibrahim Agen Era

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