Ridjal Noor: Why Malay/Muslim Community Largely Apathetic Over Ramadan Bazaar Issue?

The first question:
Why are some quarters in the community so busy defending the issue of the bazaar Ramadan? Every day campaigning and raising questions, and brainstorming for solutions.

Because they are trying to preserve the quality and feel and integrity of this yearly bazaar that’s special and unique to the community.

The second question:
But if the community feels so strongly against what’s happening today, then just vote with your spending dollar lah, right? Don’t spend there and the organisers will learn their lesson and learn to respect the laws of the land, correct? People power and all that, right?

Unfortunately, no. This is the hardest of change to bring about.

This is why only some quarters are campaigning. The rest are still happily, blissfully ignorantly heading down and voting with their dollars that they don’t care. The herds and their mentality. Sometimes it seems, you just can’t save the community from itself.

They accept the erosion of values over time without batting an eyelid. They only stop to make viral make viral certain issues. Other than that they steamroll over every bump in the road and move on undeterred, uncaring for the issues dear at heart to the community at large.

So I agree with Sadali Ami. The community gets the leaders it deserves. And you can’t save the community from itself.

“The greatest threat to the future is ignorance and apathy.” – Jane Goodall


Source: Ridjal Noor

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