Uncle Got Lost On Expressway Met An Angel On Two Wheels Who Sent Him Straight To His Destination

Got myself a new helmet cam yesterday and half hour later, it captured this. I’m not sure if its a blessing in disguise or if he’s lucky to see me. But I do know that I have to share this here and hope that it’ll encourage people to go out of their way to help others. Do good and good will come to you. Ramadhan Kareem everyone =)

Edit: Forgot to mention, he took the bus and missed a stop. So he tried walking straight to the direction of the bridge and entered the expressway. His daughter in law’s place is at the end of the bridge on Eunos side.

And to my fellow riders asking about the camera I’m using, its a Drift Ghost-S from Motoworld @ Kaki Bukit.


Source: Mohd Elfie Mohd Amin

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