President Who Can Speak Malay Is Useless If Not Independent

Some quarters of my community weren’t too happy that presidential hopeful, Salleh Marican, wasnt fluent in Malay. Rightfully so.

Malay is our National Language. To be the president of Singapore, the people expect hopeful candidates to at least be able to speak the language. You represent Singapore. You should at least be able to converse in our National Language.

For those who are supportive of Salleh Marican not being able to speak the Malay language, do bear in mind that all three of our Prime Ministers, even if they are Chinese, can speak fluent Malay. And a national figure who can’t speak our National language is a cause for concern.

As for me, a presidential candidate who cant speak the language of those he represents, is a secondary concern and not the deciding factor in casting my vote. My primary concern is whether the candidate is able to function and act in the interest of Singaporeans.

We certainly do not want a President who speaks fluent Malay, who wows the crowd with bombastic words, who write beautiful poetry but is impotent in delivering its duties.

The last thing we want is a President who can speak Malay but cannot act independently and having complicity with the ruling party.


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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