Lucky The Golden Rule Barber Co, Barbers Gave Hair Cuts To Argentina’s Football Stars

It was a dream come true for a group of barbers in Singapore when they were contacted by the Argentina football team for haircuts on Monday (Jun 12).

“One of the players, (Paulo) Dybala, messaged us on our Instagram page, and the management didn’t see the message. We never replied the message,” Muhammad Fauzee, a barber with The Golden Rule Barber Co, told Channel NewsAsia.

“Then, the Argentina team called us yesterday at 5pm and said: ‘Where are you guys, you have to be at the hotel at 4.30pm. We said: ‘What 4.30pm, what hotel?’ Suddenly they paused, they talked, and they said it’s a misunderstanding … At 10.30pm, (we) start cutting their hair.”

The barbers were told that the team had found their shop randomly through a Google search. They proceeded to the Fullerton Hotel,where the players are staying ahead of their friendly match against Singapore, to “chill with” stars such as Angel Di Maria and Dybala. They then cut the hair of their team-mates Manuel Lanzini and Joaquin Correa, the barbers later clarified.

“It was a crazy experience. I feel very proud of my company to do this,” added a star-struck Fauzee.

The barber shop also posted on Facebook: “So we did one of the craziest VIP House Call ever!!”

The friendly to commemorate the Football Association of Singapore’s 125th anniversary will take place at the National Stadium on Tuesday.



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