Khan Osman Sulaiman: If Lee Hsien Loong Can Do This To His Family, What About Normal Singaporeans?

The dispute between Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) and his siblings is not uncommon. It centered around carrying out their dead father’s wish of demolishing Oxley Rise.

In Islam, we have what we call ‘Amanah.’ Amanah is something placed on the shoulders of someone to carry out certain instructions to the best of our ability and fulfil the wishes of the dead as long as it doesnt transgress our religious doctrines.

I believe we have heard of such incidents many times on the issue of not carrying out the ‘amanah’ someone placed on us. In this instance, it is LHL who is in the spotlight.

The no-confidence vote by both LHL’s siblings is natural. We cannot expect a person who disrespect a dead man’s wish to hold big responsibilities like managing Singapore.

If he cannot act justly in private, what can the people of Singapore expect on a bigger scale like managing a country? We already see how he has no qualms manipulating the system to benefit himself.

The meritocratic society that he espouses is nothing but a facade to give hope to Singaporeans. Singapore crony-capitalism index shows how our meritocratic ideals have taken a back seat. And it is the people who suffer at the hands of an incompetent leader. Add to it, a morally bankrupt one.


Source:Khan Osman Sulaiman

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