Netizen: Lee Hsien Loong Needs To Be Answerable To Public On Accusations By Siblings

No, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, we need answers/ specific clarifications (if possible, independent inquiry) into these allegations:

1) that you used your position as prime minister to obtain documents (Deed of Gift) given to the ministry via Lawrence Wong. (abuse of powers)

2) that your wife, Ho Ching, has ‘pervasive influence’ that ‘extends well beyond her job purview’ despite not being an elected official or govt official. (conflict of interest and overreach of power)

3) that you made your personal lawyer, Lucien Wong, the Attorney-General in Jan 2017. (favouritism/ nepotism)

4) that you monitored your two siblings so much that Lee Hsien Yang, your own brother, wants to leave the country. (threatening/ police state)



Source: Albert Tay

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