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I Just Wanted To Buy A Dress At Tampines Bazaar By I Left With A Dressing Down From Stallholder Instead

Entered A Bazaar Stall At Tampines Hub And Saw A Dress I Really Liked. “Braper Kak?” “1 Helai $80. Kalau Beli 2 $100. Tapi Saya Tak Tau Kenapa Orang Cakap Mahal?! Orang2 Sini Semua Nak Yg Murah2 $10 Or $20….
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A Different Perspective, An Ally To The Cause: Non-Muslims Showed Greater Understanding And Respect

Among netizens that responded to the non-halal issues of the bazaar at Geylang Serai include of course our non-Muslim friends too. If we did not care to notice, our Malay brothers and sisters may not have seen the way non-Muslims…
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Mohd Khair: Singaporeans Are Capable Of Living Together Respectfully, Beyond Mere Tolerance

it is very HEARTENING indeed when Non-Muslim Singaporeans demonstrate deep understanding and empathy on the issues surrounding the ambiguous halal status of bazaar at Geylang Serai organised in the month of Ramadhan. Read the screenshots shared here in this album….
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