My Instant Mee Rebus Paste Came With “Extra” Ingredients


Just my luck. Wanted to eat mee rebus so I tried this instant noodles for the first time

Bought it at a frozen food shop at Geylang Serai Market, just behind the lift.

It was my aunt who recommended the shop because they say everything there is delicious. So we tried 1 first. As we were stirring, we saw something amiss.

There was actually a dead cockroach in the taucho part of the paste. There was a leg torn off. It was a pity

Edited: I’m not even angry. I justpity myself because I really wanted to cook Mee Rebus to break fast.


Below is the original post in Malay:

Malang naseb. Teringin nk try mee rebus instant nie for the 1st time.

Belilah kt kedai en frozen pasar geylang blakang lift sane.

Makcik saya recommend sane instant dier smua sedap2. Jadi kita cuba 1 dulu. Gaul punya gaul nampak lain mcm.

Rupanya ade lipas mati kt dlm. Melekat dgn tauchu. Kaki tercabot pon ade. Kesian…

Edited: Im not even angry. Kesian dgn diri sendiri pon ade. Niat nk masak buat buka. Tapi ade jgk yg mengata,


Source: Ria Kecik in Halal Cafe & Restaurants in Singapore

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