Faulty Sigma Elevators Causing Much Unhappiness To Bukit Batok Residents

She moved into her new five-room HDB flat on the 35th storey of Block 296C at Skyline II in Bukit Batok last Saturday.

But each time Madam Soon, who is six months pregnant with twins, wants to use the lifts, she wonders if they will work.

The four lifts in the 38-storey flat have broken down about seven times between May and this month. It has left residents disappointed and frustrated.

Lifts A and B serve the ground floor and the 21st to 38th storeys. Lifts C and D serve the ground floor to the 20th storey.

Whenever Madam Soon, 33, a researcher, takes the lift, she will message her family group chat as a precaution in case she gets trapped inside.

She has seen two lift breakdowns.

She told The New Paper on Wednesday that she couldn’t go to work the day before because the two lifts were not working.

She said: “It’s dangerous for me to walk down the stairs (due to my pregnancy).”

The lifts at Skyline II are from Sigma Elevator, which had been banned from tendering for new HDB projects since October 2015 due to poor performance and installation delays.

Said Madam Soon: “HDB has banned Sigma lifts and we’re unlucky they managed to get the tender for this project before that. What if the lift breaks down when I’m inside and I go into labour?”


Source :www.tnp.sg



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