On Islamophobia In Singapore: Non-Muslims Must Acknowledge Issue, Educate Themselves, Authorities Must Take Stronger Action Against Islamophobes

My dear non-Muslims, saying that Islamophobia doesn’t exist in our country, is ironically similar to the Chinese claiming that racism and discrimination towards minority races doesn’t exist.

Don’t tell us to condemn these hineous acts, because we have always stood up as one community against it.

Don’t tell us to “reform” our “backwards” religion by cherry picking “controversial verses” when you probably don’t know anything about it.

Don’t tell us that our religion is barbaric and incites violence when all the information you get is from islamophobic websites.

Don’t tell us that we hate the “kafirs” and “infidels” when most of the attacks happen on Muslim countries and holy sites, with victims of such attacks being majority Muslims.

Don’t you see that you’re not helping, but instead, fuelling the fire of islamophobia in Singapore?

And don’t tell me that Islamophobia doesn’t exist nor is it a problem.

Enough is enough. We, the Muslims, have been victimized even more so in this entire process. If you don’t have anything better to say, keep your damn mouths shut instead of worsening the situation.

I have yet to see any actions taken by the authorities other than the usual “we should not allow this to happen” bla bla, saying things just for the sake of saying it. What’s the point? It clearly is happening and has been going on for the past few years.

Hoping that the ISA could be applied to those individuals who promote Islamophobia and bad mouthing other religions, just as how the ISD were swift to suddenly apprehend radicalised individuals.

Sigh. Don’t kecoh-kecoh lah please, we just want to raya..


Source: Ahmad Bin Osman

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