Maid Who Killed Elderly Couple At Their Bedok Reservoir Home Was Arrested In Jambi, Indonesia

A 40-year-old woman identified to be the maid of the elderly couple who killed the latter at their Bedok Reservoir Road home has been arrested in Jambi, Indonesia on 27 June at 11PM (Indonesia time).

She was investigated by the Police after several individuals overheard her conversing on the phone to ask “how is the condition now? If it is too late, I just want to repent and stay in pesantren (religious school).” While browsing for news on the murder of the elderly couple in Singapore at an internet cafe, she was approached by the Police and arrested thereafter. When probed, the woman admitted to the Police that she has murdered the elderly couple.

After the arrest, the Police also found that she was staying at Hotel Number, Kualatungkal, Room 102. Checks on her identity revealed that her name is Khasanah which bears resemblance to the identity of the suspect named in online news regarding the murder of the elderly couple.

When arrested, the woman was found to possess a total of 5 different watches (1 X Black Ellesse; 1 X Black A&Q; 1 X Black Tag Heuer Monaco; 1 X Silver Adidas; 1 X Silver DBM Clubbing), three handphone sets, a laptop and some cash amounting to Indonesian Rupiah 801,000, Singapore Dollars $110 ($1 X 5; $5 X 2, $10 X 2; $25 X 3) and Brunei Ringgit RM150 (RM10 X 1; RM25 X 2). Other currencies that were found with her were Myanmar Kyats (50 Kyats X 1) Canadian Dollars ($5 X 1) and China Yuan (RMB5 X 2; RMB10 X 1).


Source: Sindo News

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