Why Are The Malay/Muslims Attending The Annual Pink Dot?

The upcoming Pink Dot that celebrates the freedom to love for anyone regardless of their identity and sexual orientation, is scheduled to take place this Saturday, 1st July 2017 at 5 PM at Hong Lim Park. Since the inaugural launch of Pink Dot in Singapore in 2009 that only allows Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR) to participate in the “Pink Picnic”, the number of participants have increased annually. With the increase in the number of participants yearly, there is also a growing number of Malay groups and individuals who attend the Pink Dot (and a large number of them are likely gay because the males posed in effeminate manner while butches are also a plenty). Well, you can argue that not all Malays are Muslims, but majority of Muslims in Singapore are Malays. Afterall, the Malays are synonymous with being Muslims and vice versa. Here are some photos from previous Pink Dot picnics that show some Malays attending:

Ramadan has just left us, and it will be a week since Ramadan left us this Saturday. Do we still want to see our Malay groups and individuals participating in such unIslamic practices to recognize and encourage homosexuality in our Malay community? Even if you say that you are a heterosexual and attending the Pink Dot picnic to give your support to your gay friends (whether Muslims or non-Muslims) or family members, isn’t this against the Islamic teachings that you are abetting with the sinner, or being part of the sinners because you are celebrating Pink Dot?



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