PAP Put Spotlight On Race When They Reserved This Presidential Election For Malays

Don’t talk about their Malay-ness, discuss their capabilities instead. This is generally what many PAP supporters are saying. They remind us not to focus on the race.

Excuse me! In the first place, who made this election about race?

Malay Singaporeans didn’t ask for this election to be reserved for the community. We were capable of looking beyond race to vote someone capable and independent like Dr Tan Cheng Bock as President if he had been allowed to contest an open PE.

The Malay community didn’t say we are not going to participate in any Presidential elections because no Malays were contesting.

It was the PAP who made this election about race. So, naturally, we will discuss how Malay those aspiring Presidents are. If the person is not adequately Malay to the community, then having that candidate as our President does not make us proud and will continue to perpetuate the perception that the community is being excluded from the presidency.

Don’t make our community the scapegoat.



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