Policeman Misused Police Database To Check On Girlfriend

A policeman has got into trouble with the Law in Singapore for misusing Police database to check on his girlfriend. Hafidz Hamzah, who have since been suspended from duties since December last year, was a sergeant at the Central Police Division, when he used his own account or a colleague’s account to conduct multiple illegal searches on his girlfriend on the police computer system.

He was trying to check if his girlfriend had a criminal record or was involved in criminal activities. Hafidz had befriended Ms Maizurah Abdullah, then 25, in August 2015, and started a relationship with her. Between August and October that year, Hafidz accessed the Criminal Records Office (Cross) and the Frontline Officers’ Computerised System (Focus) portals in Police Cantonment Complex and using Ms Maizurah’s name, mobile number and identity card number, conducted a search for her records. Ms Maizurah did not give him her IC number. The portals, which come under the Home Affairs Ministry, can only be used for official purposes.

He had used his own account, or that of his colleague to abuse the system He had tricked his colleague into giving his login details after Hafidz’ account was suspended pending his transfer to Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre. In a separate case, it was also reported that Hafidz came to know a woman who was staying in a Geylang hotel in March last year, and they began a relationship. During a heated argument on Feb 27 this year, Hafidz hit her. He took her mobile phone and threatened to post her nude photos on the Internet. The prosecutor said the victim herself had sent nude photos of herself to him, and she was afraid he would carry out his threat and tarnish her reputation.

Hafidz has been sentenced to one months and eight weeks in jail for the offences.


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