Damanhuri Abas: If There Is No By-Election In MYT GRC, The Malays Are Triple Short-Changed

If there is no By-Election in MYT GRC, the Malays are triple short-changed.

1. Our race used for EP reserved justification when in reality it don’t matter to us as we were never honestly asked for nor about it. It is all about preventing Dr TCB his last shot not about us lah (jangan shiok sendrik). We are used BIG time guys.

2. End up now we probably will get a genetically bad-deal, you know what i mean. I know of someone who could have made it (the re-EP) at least all worth while (true blue Malay, my takraw buddy in campus, me NUS and he NTU, very good man) but it was not meant to be i guess.

3. Race card evoked and the PAP got a 2 year free-Malay (minority) ride for a GRC with a substantial number of Malays in Marsiling. This proves once again this Minority representation thingey is but a convenient bogeyman wagged on command to serve political ends.

Kudos to us the Malays. 52 years on. We got it made bro.

Fortunately there is God and HIS justice!!! There ain’t No free ride up there bros. Patient i am and in God i put my trust and whose help i seek, for this country and the truly multi-racial people in it that we love and want to see.

Happy National Day my fellow Singaporeans.


Source: Damanhuri Bin Abas

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