Lawa Bintang’s Nasi Lemak Lobster Is Prove That Malay Singaporeans Can Succeed Through Diligence & Holding Belief That Sustenance And Wealth Is Given Only By Allah

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Amongst my many years of experience dabbling in business, the current one is the most challenging and inflicted with trials.

We are just a humble stall so for somw to compare us with a restaurant eg. how efficient Mcdonalds manage extremely long queues, would be ridiculous.

There are only 4 stoves and 1 rice cooker in our small kitchen.
Imagine if the rice cooker has a voice, it will definitely say that it cooks and cooks till boss say stop đŸ˜…

We are proud to be a part of Malay Singaporeans that have proven we can succeed if we are diligent and hold on to the belief that our sustenance and wealth (rizq) is given only by Allah, in due course.

Never crossed our minds that our Nasi Lemak Lobster will be the talk of the town.

This makcik stall does not and will continue not to provide food for others anyhow or cincai, as some may call it.

Yes, we know it is part and parcel of the service industry, to receive positive and negative comments.

Those who like it Alhamdulillah, and those who do not, we appreciate your kind understanding that each person’s tastebuds is different.

We apologise if we are unable to please and cater to everyone’s taste.

But we deeply hope, kindly refrain from looking down on the food should you find it undesirable as food in any form, is a blessing from God.
Having the desire and the means to eat is also a blessing from God.

Thank you all for supporting me.



Source: Lawa Bintang

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