Local Renovation Company Wants To Help Rebuild The Flat That Caught Fire; Needs Donor Contributions As Well

Salaam Friends,

It is my intention to make it a yearly affair and help those families in need.

Last year, together with my partner, Mohamad Nazareen, Hamizan Shah and a few anonymous donors, we managed to rebuild one kitchen cabinet that is in near collapse condition.

This year, I came across a couple whose flat caught fire and in need of some goodwill assistance to rebuild their flat.

Hence, Im calling for my friends who would like to participate in this charity work and rebuild their kitchen cabinet to ease their financial stress.

Personally, i’l match any donors dollar-for-dollar basis (up to 1k) to get it started. Any amount will be helpful towards this cause.

I estimate that it would cost 2k to do a basic kitchen cabinet.

Im looking to provide and install these items to the owner;
1. 12ft kitchen cabinet
2. 8ft solid surface
3. Kitchen sink and tap
4. Cooker hood and hob

Do pm me if you would like to participate. I hope to achieve the required funds at the soonest.

You can read up on the story here;


Thank you in advance. May god bless our good intention. Insyallah.


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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