Commentary: I Am Not Racist, But..

‘I am not racist, but…’


‘I am not racist, but I believe I am superior to an entire race of people because they are all lazy. I am just being a realist.’

‘I am not racist, but I love to make fun of people’s ethnicity, especially people who are darker than me. It’s just more funny that way.’

‘I am not racist, but there is no way I would employ someone of that race. He/she just would not be suited for this job.’

‘I am not racist, but “those people” really cannot be helped. Because they don’t want to be helped.’

‘I am not racist, but people should stop being so sensitive when I make racist jokes which are not funny.’

‘I am not racist, but thank God White people civilized the world.’

‘I am not racist, but the minorities should not express discontentment in this particular peaceful manner. There are other ways – that do not offend me, are out of my sight, do not make me aware of your problems, do not force me to confront painful realities – to do so.’

‘I am not racist, but I do not really like to pray beside Indians in the mosques because they smell.’

‘I am not racist, but I do some/all of the above. But my father’s neighbour’s cousin’s brother-in-law is from a minority race, and since I know him personally, I cannot be racist.’


You are not racist, only because you do not wish to see yourself as a racist.


Source: Walid J. Abdullah

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