Commentary: Is MUIS The Problem Or The Solution? Are They ‘Really There’?

Is MUIS the problem or the solution?

While the world express vociferous objections towards Donald trump for his blatant acts of provocation, our beloved MUIS is seen as being indifferent and muted towards the situation.

MUIS, for the longest time, has not been the representative of the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore.

It is not capable of expressing the sentiments and advancing the aspirations of the community. Its fecklessness is due to 2 crucial factors.

1. It receives funding from the gov.

2. The leadership of MUIS is not elected by the community but rather installed and approved by PAP gov

MUIS is the highest governing body for the Muslims in Singapore. We placed our hope that it acts for the best of our interest. Yet, MUIS has been found wanting on numerous occasions.

There are many instances where MUIS has taken on the narrative of the gov and became part of the state propaganda.

It has no organizational backbone to have views contrary to the state. It operates as if it has to take directives from the gov and wait for instructions on views deemed sensitive. This shows a clear lack of autonomy and of a weak leadership.

Frequently, the views or statements from MUIS mirrors those of the gov. In doing so, it runs the risk of being seen as subservient to a secular gov. It often uses weak justifications and rationale to which this PAP gov is known for.

Ive not read any statements from MUIS that are different from those of the PAP gov. Issues like;

– Tudung
– The banning of Mufti Menk
– Yusof Estes being denied entry
– The discrimination faced by our community in the workforce
– The Rohingyas
– The Palestinians

The list goes on. The near absence of the Malay/Muslim political voice in Singapore is reflected in how MUIS conducts itself on a national level.

If MUIS continues to be emasculated, and act only for its self-interest, then it will not be a surprise should one day, it becomes irrelevant to the very community it is supposed to serve.

If that happens, there’s a high chance that the community may seek other avenues for its spiritual consumption and with it, comes the real chance of radicalization slowly growing its base.


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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