Accuser, Mana ‘Wedding Caterer’ That Dumped Curry Waste Into Pasir Ris River?

“Just like this picture, we can say many things nowadays through social media. Accuse, report, stomp and simply tarnish someone’s reputation just like that.

If you have evidence for example pictures of the “caterer” themselves throwing curry waste into the canals that lead to the river, then the necessary actions to be taken by the respective authorities will follow. Else naturally if you don’t have such proof then is it fair to expect people to believe this piece of news?

Then again, nowadays everything can be made up just to “kill off” somebody for whatever reasons. No justifiable proof, just pick your bullets and post it online. Well maybe this is the Singapura that we know 

The photo was originally sent in by Shirley Lc Tan.

“This wedding caterer at the void deck of Blk 408 Pasir Ris (510408) just simply dump their curry gravy into our river next to it. The river where there are plenty of monitor lizards and our beloveds Pasir Ris’ family of otters..”

Source: Rilek1Corner Reader

(PS: Please lah Singaporeans don’t anyhow make up stories. When the river colour macam TEH TARIK no one complain.. Rest our case siol!!)



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