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Jufrie Mahmood: Millionaire PAP Ministers Have Lost Touch, Don’t Understand Anxieties Of Common Singaporeans

Minister Lawrence Wong and his cabinet colleagues don’t live in 99-year lease HDB flats. With their millions, chances are, they would be living in landed free-hold properties in choice areas. Their properties are for keeps which they can pass on…
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MND: Most Wiling To Pay More Than Average Price Of Flats

In a recent survey of nearly 1,500 residents, MND said it showed that majority of prospective flat buyers are willing to pay more than the current average prices. However, the survey also showed that people continue to view the new…
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Are HDB Flats Affordable For Low-Income Singaporeans?

Can a Singaporean who earns $850 a month afford to buy a Housing Board flat? Mr Mohammad Charlie Jasni says yes. The odd-job labourer earns that amount, and he and his family will be moving into a new two-room HDB…
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