Non-Muslim Staff At Penang Culture JEM Attentive To Observance Of Halal Certification

I was at Jem’s Penang Culture with my family and would like to commend their staff for their observance of their Halal certificate.

As a Chinese Muslim family we naturally look Chinese, and the staff was concerned about us putting my baby’s food in their baby bowls. He said it was not allowed as it is a Halal-certified restaurant (he’s not even Malay/Muslim, but appears to be a Filipino).

I assured him that I’m Muslim and the food, prepared at home, is Halal, but also thanked him for being careful and thorough.

Alhamdullilah, as we read about how some food establishments don’t take their certification seriously, it is nice to know that there are those who do.

Keep up the good work


Source: Harris Chai in Halal Cafe & Restaurants In Singapore

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