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Commentary: Boycott Geylang Bazaar? Rising Rental And Non-Halal Food Are The Critical Reasons

Bazaar Ramadan… Part1 Sewa gerai makan= $17000 Sewa gerai jual pakaian= $7000 Tahun demi tahun, sewa gerai semakin tinggi. Tauke gerai buat bidding, kes tamak nak mampos. Tahun depan confirm naik lagi. Peniaga melayu semakin berkurangan kerana tak mampu bayar…
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Geylang Ramadan Bazaar Focused On Muslim Owners And Their Products/Services In The 80s And 90s

We are seeing too many non-Muslim Owned stalls in Geylang, the heart of the Malay (I shall not delete this, but I stand corrected as it shld be generally just Muslim) Muslim community “get-together” place for Ramadan and Eid celebrations….
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A Chinese-Singaporean Husband’s Dilemma – ‘Sorry Your Wife Is Indian. Landlord Won’t Rent To You’.

Darius Cheung, founder of Singapore-based property listing site 99.co, is married to Indian-Singaporean wife Roshni Mahtani, who’s also an entrepreneur (she started parenting portaltheAsianparent). Late last year, they began searching for a property to rent, thinking that an oversupply of…
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