Ismail Kassim: Tudung Issue Is Also A Matter Of Human Rights

Yes, why not? Tudung is not a religious issue. When those who put on are barred from certain occupations it becomes a human right issue; the right of all to equal treatment before the law and the right of employment in all sectors without any discrimination.

It is not just what issues are raised, but also the manner in which they are brought up. What is equally important is also how should Government should react when such issues are raised.

Faisal brought it up with admirable restraint, but the reaction from the Minister was, to say the least, inconsistent with the spirit and norms of democracy. It bordered on arrogance and bullying.

Like the Minister, you too picked on Faisal, the safest target, the most vulnerable.

I am sure whatever he did in Parliament had the blessings of the Workers Party and its leaders.

Why not blame the WP also for not distributing the work load in a way more consistent with the norms of our multiracial society.


Source: Ismail Kassim

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