Ismail Kassim: Singapore Needs A White Knight To Save Country From PAP’s Reserved EP Mess

The coming EP (Reserved only for Malays) election has placed the PAPpies in a shit-pot from which they could not climb out without considerable loss of face.

So, rather than reverse course, they would rather ram through it, even at the risk of turning the next EP into a symbol of disunity, and the fount for all kinds of embarrassing jokes, for the next six long years.

Is there a way out of this mess that could satisfy all sides and result only in a small loss of face for the ruling party? In such a case, the PAPpies might just accept it.

Is there such a White Knight lurking round the corner?

Let’s not give up yet. There is still a needle point of hope – even at this late stage – that something could happen that will put our little red dot on the right path.


Source: Ismail Kassim

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