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The Hypocrisy Of Racism And Multiracialism In Singapore

*when an old man hurls racist insults at a Malay lady* ‘Oh, this is a one-off incident. This should be condemned, but it is not reflective of our society at all.’ *when madrasah kids are labeled extremists* ‘Oh, that is…
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Mohd Khair: Madrasah Wak Tanjong Perlukan Dana $12 Juta, Pertimbangan Diperlukan

Madrasah Wak Tanjong memerlukan SGD12juta Amat menyentuh hati sekali apabila ramai yang mahu membantu pihak Madrasah Wak Tanjong mengumpul dana SGD12juta itu. Namun, walau apapun cara untuk mengumpul dana, beberapa perkara asas mungkin perlu diberikan pertimbangan: 1. Persaingan (Competition): Terdapat…
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Madrasah Student Attacks: Descendant Of Arab-Muslim Aljunied Family Pays For Lawyer To Represent Accused

A member of one of Singapore’s oldest Arab-Muslim families has stepped forward to pay for a lawyer for the security officer accused of attacking three madrasah students. The entrepreneur, who wants to be anonymous, is in his 40s and comes…
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