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China’s Warship Liaoning Has 10 Cafeterias With 20 Ethnic Minorities On Board

Last weekend, China is opened up its aircraft carrier Liaoning to the public for the first time. The ship arrived in Hong Kong on Friday (July 7), accompanied by two destroyers and a frigate. Only 2,000 tickets for the tour…
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Providing More Aid To Palestine Should Not Be Used As Bargaining Chip For Singapore Government To Invite Israel PM

Assalamualaikum, Bros i think we have heard the news by now – Israel PM is coming to Singapore. I won’t even mention his name because I think he is inhuman for all the injustices that he has sanctioned against our…
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PERGAS: Islamic Scholars Divided Over Festive Greetings To People Of Other Faiths, PERGAS Of The View That It Is Acceptable In Singapore Context

Will the PAP MP Dr Maliki Osman retract his statement? On 26th January 2016, Dr Maliki made a comment about Islam in Parliament that has been proven wrong. The PAP MP Dr Maliki Osman….in his speech about extremism.. Referred to…
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