PERGAS: Islamic Scholars Divided Over Festive Greetings To People Of Other Faiths, PERGAS Of The View That It Is Acceptable In Singapore Context

Will the PAP MP Dr Maliki Osman retract his statement?

On 26th January 2016, Dr Maliki made a comment about Islam in Parliament that has been proven wrong.

The PAP MP Dr Maliki Osman….in his speech about extremism..

Referred to discussions among Muslims that it may not be permitted for Muslims to wish non Muslims for their festivals.

As reported on ChannelnewsAsia…

when discussing the opinion that it is not allowed in Islam..

“Dr Maliki said senior, respected scholars have spoken up and contradicted the message. Citing a report in Berita Harian, the MP said that such bans have no basis in Islam.”

The PAP MP Dr Maliki appears to have made an unequivocal statement that is has “no basis in Islam”.

And yet..

The Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association – Pergas

has sent out guidance to Muslims in Singapura with regard to the issue.

According to the guidance, there is a difference in opinion on whether it is allowed in Islam.

Pergas provided a rather balanced position.

Pergas 1

Pergas 2

Pergas 3

Pergas 4

Pergas 5

Importantly, they provided the Islamic evidence for those who believe it is not permitted (and those who believe it is)..

Dr Maliki Osman claimed there is no basis…the scholars said there is.

Will Dr Maliki Osman now retract his statement?



Source: Almakhazin SG

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