Providing More Aid To Palestine Should Not Be Used As Bargaining Chip For Singapore Government To Invite Israel PM


Bros i think we have heard the news by now – Israel PM is coming to Singapore. I won’t even mention his name because I think he is inhuman for all the injustices that he has sanctioned against our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

In the past, the Singapore government has been very careful not to invite the Israel PM because they were sensitive to the views and conscience of the local and regional Muslim population.

So what has happened? What has caused a change in the attitudes so much so that they don’t care about our feelings anymore?

What i know is that every living Muslim cannot condone the presence of someone like the Israeli PM, who, by many accounts, can be counted as a war criminal.

So what if they appointed Hawazi Daipi as a non-resident representative to Palestine? So what if they double the technical assistance package to $10 million? So what if we allowed high-level Palestinian officials to Singapore to learn from our experience? This gesture of recognizing Palestine and providing a large amount of aid should be a magnanimous one because it is only decent for us to help an oppressed people. Like how we helped our friends in Aceh during the tsunami.

Don’t use it as a bargaining tool to justify the unjustifiable.



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