Walid J. Abdullah: World Has To Deal With Failings Of American Democracy

Perhaps 2016 will teach us not to adopt a holier-than-thou approach towards those who disagree with us. Dismissing everyone who is a Trump supporter as a racist, xenophobic idiot evidently did not work out well.

Sure, there are racists and deplorables amongst them. But there were people with genuine concerns that were not addressed, and instead of having their sentiments understood, they were dismissed as racists. Of course they would turn to Trump afterwards!

The media especially has blood on its hands. In spite of not being a Trump fan, i found the media coverage – particularly by Huffington Post – to be absolutely disgusting. Clearly one-sided. If i were an undecided voter, the media coverage would push me towards Trump. I hope the liberal media is proud of itself now.

Trump has won. Whether we like it or not, those are the rules of the game. We have to deal with a President Trump.

Unless you’re the US government (democrat or republican). Then you don’t have to respect other people’s aspirations. Just dismiss them as Islamic fundamentalists and then engineer a coup.

For peasants like the rest of the world, we have to deal with the failings of American democracy.


Source: Walid J. Abdullah

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