Stupid Youngsters These Days Really Naive And Lack Trust

I spoke with some students today and really blood boil. What is wrong with youngsters these days, don’t know how to think?

They really believe all of the government’s bullsh*t! This is what I managed to pick out from my conversations with them:

Me: “absolute power corrupts absolutely”
A: “don’t worry PAPs track record is flawless, they won’t do anything wrong one.I put my trust in them”

Me: “why are the opposition bad?”
B: ” look at their track record? Look at ahptc? If they cannot prove themselves how to win?”

Me : ” what do you think of the 2 sides?”
Students ” PAP= very good. Opposition will ruin the country made up of useless people destroy the stability ”

Really is naive and myopic. Wait until they grow up and see people go through bread and butter issues as a result of gov policy then they will know the pain.

A.S.S. Reader



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