Stalker Asks Mum of Victim “Can I have sex?”



A man was jailed 12 weeks on Wednesday for insulting the modesty of a teenager.

Mohamed Haryfan Mohd Razali, 21, who faced four charges, admitted to uttering words with intent to insult the modesty of the 19-year-old in 2011, and for peeping at her on May 12 last year, reports The Straits Times.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Joshua Lim said in July 2011, Haryfan was at the void deck of his block in Pasir Ris when he saw the victim walking past him and was instantly attracted to her looks. He saw her enter her unit and took note of the address.

From then until his arrest in May last year, he visited the teen’s home six to eight times, causing the family much distress.

The victim and her 44-year-old mother made numerous police reports but were unable to ascertain his identity.

Eventually, police installed a pin-hole camera outside her unit in March last year. The footage captured on the camera led to Haryfan’s arrest on May 18.

Mr Lim said on Aug 3, 2011, the victim was about to sleep sometime past 1am when she heard a sound coming from the direction of her room window.

The victim put on her glasses and ran to her mother’s bedroom. They saw the silhouette of Haryfan moving along the corridor.

Haryfan meddled with the main door, which swung open by about 15cm.

When the victim’s mother shouted in Malay, ‘Who was that?’, Haryfan replied: “Nak main boleh tak” which means “Can (I) have sex”.

On May 12 last year, the victim was sleeping at around 5am when she was awakened by a sound from the room window.

She saw the face of a man peeping at her through the top window pane. Overcome by fear, she began to cry and covered herself with her blanket. She called her mother on the mobile phone.

Investigations showed that Haryfan was on his way home when he decided to peep at the victim. He stood on a chair outside her room and used his cellphone screen to shine into the room.

He could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined on each charge of insulting modesty.


Source: STOMP

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