Infiltration of LGBTQ Movement in Schools




Received this message in my inbox today,

“A group of us parents share the concern re LGBT movement. I’d like to share the latest from another parent.

Hi all, received the info below from a friend.
♢”Brothers and sisters there is another attempt by the LGBT community to exert their influence in Singapore , this time targeting our secondary school children. A new comic book called ‘the school never asked ‘was published by The Substation that discusses teenage life and love. It’s like Teenage Textbook in the nineties except that the characters consists of a straight, a bisexual and a gay. I have browsed through briefly and the contents are disturbing and causes my spiritual man to recoil both in shock and in sadness. Its subtlety and frankness is what will draw young impressionable minds, worst it is downloadable over the internet FOC. For those of us with teens, the battle lines have been drawn. Let us make our stand clear that we do not support it whether in the name of art or sexual education .

The URL of the comic book is “


Source: Mohd Khair

[Many Thanks] Reader contribution: M Faisal


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