Guy Wash Private Part Using Toilet Bowl Water


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Dear R1C,

Any expert can help me figure this out?

I had to rush to the toilet (in a shopping mall) because I was having an upset stomach earlier this morning. While entering, another man (cannot write race if not people say I racist) took the other cubicle beside me. Both of us seems to be having a morning competition as there were lots of sound (farts and stuff) and sigh of relief coming out from both our cubicles.

Once done, I cleaned myself with toilet paper when I heard the sound of flushing coming from the cubicle beside me. However, the guy flushed it a few times repeatedly and there were also sound as if he was using water to clean himself.

The thought that immediately came to my mind was, where the hell did he get the water from? There was no bidet shower in the public toilet! Next I saw was water flowing from the other cubicle to my side. Lucky I had cleaned myself up and I lift up my feet to avoid the water.

When I was washing my hands, he also exited his cubicle. He rinsed his hands and left promptly. I turned and noticed that his cubicle floor was totally wet and it was confirmed that there was no bidet shower. I pity the cleaning lady in-charge of the toilet as it was a mess left by the guy.

I’m just wonder which way is cleaner, using toilet paper or water?


Gordon T


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