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Here are the compiled comments by Matt Loe who strongly defended Subway Singapore’s decision not to go halal:

Why does every restaurant be halal? if there is a difference in taste with halal, then the non-muslims should be allowed to enjoy also. so anyone who wants their food halal and can’t find it in Singapore, then go up the border where everything is halal, remember Singapore is a multi-race country, for sure, but it is not a muslim one and shouldn’t have to make everything halal just to please a certain percentage of the population. Plus, there are healthy veggie options, not every meal has to be a meat one!

and YES, it will TASTE DIFFERENT… as well as cost a lot to get done. So i support Subway Singapore’s decision on this matter!

** the funny thing about this whole episode here is this… **

1. why do you want to eat in a food outlet that serves foods that you cannot or are not allowed to consume??

2. why should a food outlet that is famous for it’s products, including the very ones that you are not able to consume, be forced or begged to change it’s menu items just so that you can also eat there??

3. why can’t you see how selfish you are being, acting in this manner?? because if it were changed for you, then the others who enjoyed the special menu that they are known for, are going to miss out…

4. it is very simple… if you have an issue with a certain item, then choose another item!!

5. it is very simple again… if you are not allowed to consume products in a food outlet that is not certified to your standards, then choose another outlet!!

6. it is very unreasonable to demand an outlet to be changed just so that one can follow a particular belief system. that is your own choice. just like ppl who choose to be vegetarian, there are those that choose to consume particular foods. if you cannot eat meat or are not allowed to eat particular foods, then it is not the fault of the outlet. it is your particular issue.

7. i have never seen a meat serving outlet forced to go meat free just to suit a vegetarian’s choice. meaning all meat becomes meat free. i am sure a lot of vegetarians would like more alternatives to choose from, but there are only a couple. instead a choice must be made to choose a suitable outlet. this is an example, because you want all the meat changed just to suit your own taste and beliefs. this means that the
animals to be eaten are killed to your standards and a little sticker goes on the menu along with a certificate on the wall.

8. the taste WILL be different. maybe not for you, but for all the regulars who loved the menu just as it was….

9. the way the animal is slaughtered is unethical for a LOT of people.

10. for a meat eater, turkey does NOT taste better than pork. and i really have to ask, how would you know that it does?? for the real thing, there is no substitute. so stop saying that there can or should be.

11. if you wouldn’t change your outlets when asked, why should others change theirs?? a lot of ppl do not like halal but this would never be changed now would it…to please those that don’t like the taste, or the preparation? the coin has TWO sides to it.

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Ps. i am not against anybody here, or anywhere, i am not promoting any kind of ‘hate’ speech either. however, i can see here that some are very rude when they don’t get their own way. this is just discussion only. and FYI, i do not consume any pork, beef, or any seafood items as my choice. I am against ANY outlet being changed from it’s original menu items when it doesn’t need to be just to suit a few.

Subway is Subway – sumthing can’t eat, then too bad !!! you can’t change a whole restaurant just cos u can’t eat a few tems on the menu – r u kidding me??!! LOVE it or LEAVE it…

Source: Subway Singapore, Matt Loe,

Contributed by Nur Sarah Al Islam


What is your take on this matter? Do you want Subway Singapore to go halal or do you think our non-Muslim friends should continue to enjoy their non-halal meats and sauces?

Let us know your views on this.

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