Ex-Hubby Confessed NonaManis Wedding Design Cheats Clients







To all friend that whoever know me as faizal hasim

Here i would like to share with whoever has connected with this unregister company of Nona manis wedding decor.

To all current clients to NOna manis, upcoming client Nona manis…plz be extra careful with what u pay to this company where (she) the so called CEO of this company has done alot of cheating of client money. Whatever money that the clients has paid to this company she will use for upcoming event n also paid for her debt to all her sources.

So whatever packages u guys n gals signup plz make sure how much u guyz n gals had transfer her or ask her to print the statement of acc to confirm the amount the company received..and also plzz check all item as like berkat, your kueh2 or any other item that could be shortage on the present event itself.

Me myself as her ex operation of that company n ex husband declaring that what i said is all the truth of all truth.

Feel free to ask me all about this unregister company.

Thank you.

Ex operation manager of Nona manis wedding deco



Thanks Bujang Teruna for the scoop 🙂

Couple who have engaged NonaManis Wedding Design on their big day and wish to clarify any matters, can contact her ex-hubby/ex-employee named ‘Skullblaka‘@Faizal Hasim on Facebook. As mentioned earlier, Faizal Hasim is glad to answer any queries.

To all couples planning to get married, please do thorough research on bridal companies and the services they offer to clients.

Sometimes, what you see on bridal websites and brochures might turn out differently in reality.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to answer all your doubts. Make sure everything is in black and white, including receipts and also agreement on services. 

All the best to your big day!

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