How To Avoid Becoming a Victim of MLM


Blogger Shanice Lim

I am so disappointed. At how morally unsound some people can be. But putting my emotions aside, I would like to share my story on how I was a potential victim of a scheme by X.

The story goes…

I was asked out by an acquaintance for coffee last week. It was quite queer that he wanted to meet for coffee, but he told me he was involved in a travel project and wanted to get my input on it’s viability.

So well.. I said yes. I had the time to spare after work today, and it was rather near my workplace. I thought it would be nice to see an old acquaintance as well.

But for him, his intentions were different.

For all the wrong reasons.

To cut the long story short, he did not meet me with the intention to share an idea with me.

In fact, he met with me because he wanted to sell me a package. A very nicely packaged but dubious package.

I don’t blame him, because I know very well how thesePyramid/Multi-Level Marketing companies work.

They paint you a beautiful picture of how much you can earn in cash, how easy it is for you to do it part-time, how effortless it will be with their guidance, and how it is NOT their intention for you to buyANYTHING from them.

But all this. Is bullshit.


Authored by Shanice Lim



We are glad more and more people are coming out to share their stories on these Get-Rich-Quick schemes (GRQ). Without these brave souls, many would still believe those empty promises. We can’t thank you enough for creating this public awareness. 

Stand firm. Speak up. Don’t let anyone fool you.

Are you a victim too? Share your story with us at Rilek1Corner.

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