MUIS Say Can Use Pig Skin Products If Contact is Dry?


Recently there has been some debate about whether Muslims can use pig skin leather porkducts. As many know, pork or products from pigs are commonly thought of as haram to the Muslims. While it is true that eating pork is haram (not permissible) for Muslims, the use of pig skin products is not haram.

According to religious authorities, various Ustaz and also MUIS, it is permissible for Muslims to touch or use pig skin products provided that the contact between the body part and the porkduct is dry. It is not najis (faeces) if the contact is dry. Yes, yes, no wet contact!

If either the body part or the leather porkduct is wet, then it is najis. Once you kena najis then the prayers you make to Allah will not be counted, no power already. To make the najis go away you must perform sertu which is Muslim cleansing with water and clay.

That is why my mother who carries a very expensive pig skin Gucci bag always carry a water proof shopping bag inside the Gucci. Whenever it rains, she will pull out the waterproof bag and put the Gucci inside. Pig skin is also common in brands such as Bottega and Kate Spade, so my dear fashionista Muslimahs take note.

So if you want to be a good Muslim and use pig skin stuff, you should be discipline enough to ensure that the contact is dry and pure. If you kena wet contact, you should perform sertu as soon as possible. If one feels that this is too much, then just don’t use pig porkducts, but do not criticize others who choose to use or touch it.

And no, touching of pig skin merchandise in a shopping mall is not haram, so stop acting like the khalwat police when you see fellow Muslim friends touching porcine goods.

Oh, I forget, there’s this issue of sweat or human perspiration in our weather…so Muslim boys out there with a pig skin wallet in your tight-ass skinny sweaty jeans take note!

All in, Muslims should educate themselves holistically on the teachings of Quran and Hadiths with guidance from learned ustaz, and not take an alarmist stance just because you hear pig or pork being mentioned.

Farah AR


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