LATEST: Chinese Man Call Malays “Stupid and Poor”, “Extremist”

Thanks to a vigilant Singaporean, Rilek1Corner was alerted again on another racist and offensive comment by a male Chinese who goes by the name of ‘Issac Teck Shuean‘.

Issac who stated on his Facebook profile to be residing in Singapore and born in Johor, had called Malays “stupid and poor” and “extremist“.

Isaac teck Shuean racist malay

Isaac teck Shuean racist comment malay

isaac teck shuean racist malay

issac teck shuean malay racist comment

Last month, another male Singaporean Chinese man, Peter Hu lodged a police complaint to say that he did not post an offensive comment on Muslims. In his attempt to cover up his insensitive remark, Peter Hu claimed that his account was “hacked”. In another posting he claimed that the image was “doctored”. Later on, he said that he was unaware of the offensive posting existence until his friends had informed him about it.

So which is the truth? One story, different information coming from the same guy.

Rilek1Corner was informed that Peter Hu who is openly gay, an avid PinkDot SG supporter and an LGBT activist, had previously argued with several anti-PinkDot activists in a Facebook group called ‘We are against PinkDot’.

The police are currently investigating this case.


Another female Singapore Chinese woman named ‘Kim’ who has an Instagram account ‘@kimmeeoow’ also said offensive remarks on Muslims and Malays.

She claimed her Instagram account was hacked. But preliminary investigations from netizens and tip-off from her friends have revealed that none of her social media accounts was hacked because she was posting as usual after she made those offensive comments. The police are also currently investigating this case.

kimgoog malaysterrorists

Also in the hall of shame, we have Amy Cheong who was an employee of NTUC was terminated due to her tactless insensitive remarks on Malays.

Her insensitive comments have deeply hurt the Malay community and left a lasting impact thus far.

Amy Cheong $50 void deck wedding

Amy Cheong $50 void deck wedding

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Thank you Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali for the contribution.

While we understand offensive comments made by non Malays/Muslims such as Peter Hu, Amy Cheong, Kimmeeoow, and now Issac Teck Shuean are not true reflection of majority, we the minority, cannot help but notice the increasing number of individuals who are unhappy towards both the Malay and Muslim communities.

Our advice: Keep those thoughts to yourself. Don’t share it on social media because chances are, you will be featured here. And the rest will be history.

Racism is not confined to one race – all communities need to join hands to end it. It is an issue ignored, downplayed and denied.

Let’s move forward. Let’s end racial prejudice and religious discrimination.






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