The Landmark Restaurant Offer ‘Ramadan Buffet’ on Groupon But No MUIS Halal Certificate?


The Landmark Ramadan Halal

This place is NOT halal. When i called to do a reservation, i enquired if it is halal.

They told me they have not managed to get the cert yet but it is ‘on the way’.

She further clarified that they applied for it so now they’re waiting.

Dissatisfied, I checked with MUIS halal registry department, and guess what, no such application.

Authored by Quaintly Urs

List of Muis Halal-certifed Caterers / Central Kitchens

List of Muis Halal-certified Eating Establishments  



Thank you sis Quaintly Urs‎ for highlighting this.

True enough we have checked the MUIS website, and went through the list of Halal certified caterers and eating establishments, but we can’t find the name ‘The Landmark in Village Hotel Bugis’. 

Really misleading don’t you think?

We have contacted MUIS, and The Landmark in Village Hotel Bugis for their clarification on this matter. Hopefully, they will reply and we will post an update accordingly. 

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