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This evening I met someone for the first time.

I received a msg from the wearwhite folks earlier in the day, requesting me to meet up with a person who was asking for help with Same Sex Attraction (SSA) my task was to befriend and recommend him to other agencies for follow-up.

He recounted his early years of grappling with SSA. It’s the classic story of an absent father figure and a domineering mother. Growing up, he too suffered from being bullied.

Amazingly, he had the force of will to not immediately succumb to the attraction. He read up and researched the issue, finding out a lot about it. It helped him grapple with the SSA, finding solace and comfort through worship and spirituality.

He’s a strong advocate of the view that SSA is primarily due to socialisation issues, not inborn. We were then met with a guy fr the entertainment industry, who recounted incidents whereby people he knew with SSA returning to fitrah, the natural disposition inherent in humanity. All he did was put the hashtag ‪#‎wearwhite‬ on his FB pg. they Came to him, he connected them to others and they too returned to fitrah.

They plan. And God plans. And God is the best of planners.

I believe tonight’s gathering was planned by God. To make people of very varied backgrounds and interests, come together with the intent of helping humanity.

I speak to all of us here. We are reaching out to one and all, regardless of your religion or race. If you are battling with SSA, and are looking for help, go to the wearwhite page, make contact. They can help you get in touch with sincere people who have gone through what you are going through. They have gone through the darkness and have seen the light. They are more than willing to help.

You can also PM me.

I make a special request. Can all here please share this posting on your walls? Wearwhite is here for you.

Come back to fitrah. Come back to the natural disposition and inner purity that God has created you with.

Authored by Syed Danial



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