Vicious Cycle Cause Malays To Be The ‘Pariahs of Singapore’

Atan Flybaits

Atan Flybaits

Atan Flybaits

Atan Flybaits

Dear Mr Prime Minister Sir,

With all my respect Sir,

I congratulate you and your government for the generous recognitions of the pioneer generations, however, I would also like to bring to your attention on some issues which have been bugging the minds of fellow Singaporeans, I hope you would spend sometimes thinking about it

When I was doing business in Indonesia they called me as ’ orang Singpore’ there were some Chinese and Indian Singaporean, they all were also called ‘ orang Singapore’ not ‘orang Cina Singapore‘ or ’ orang India Singapore’ although it is different here in Singapore we are segregated into different racial groups for whatever reasons are
It is the same in Taiwan, although we rarely seen Malay Singaporean in Taiwan and we all know why
In USA they have progressed from treating the black people as slaves to their current social status as equals, during the world war two, it is amazing that the black people who were treated as second class citizens where they were not allowed to go to certain school, swimming pool restaurants and so on, but when they were drafted into the army they would fight for the country, now even the President of the USA is a Black man, how amazing !!

After fifty years we have come a long way as citizens of Singapore but yet we were still being treated like a second class citizen, we were prevented into certain area in the Army installations, not to mention the Air force and the Navy, it is ironic that the government would accept foreigners to even work as a police officers but are still suspicious of the Malays who has been born and bred here

T he question is how do you know that the people you would employed as police officers are not extremist from Xinjiang or Southern part of Philippine or rapist from India ? And how do you know that they would not bring their culture of corruptions into this country?

Although during the Japanese occupation the Malays were the one’s fighting hand in hand with the British Soldiers against the Japanese invasions

With the current immigration policy where foreigners from other Asian countries readily admitted to Singapore except for the Malay stocks, they would come with a minimum of a diploma or a degree, whereby due to high unemployment of a lower paying job held by the Malays due to your current policy of not allowing the Malays to work in the defense sectors where, thousands of jobs could be offered to us with a reasonably paying salary, as a result our kids were not able to compete on a level playing field with all other races, not even with the new immigrants, because their fathers would be either out of job or holding a lower paying job, as a result there are 70% of our kids are in the ITE instead of the institute of the higher learning !

As a result of your government suspicions on the Malays, the sentiments had transpired into the private sectors too, because the people running the defense sectors would eventually being released into private sectors and the suspicions continues

Of course you will have some Malays in certain places just to show that you are truly practicing what you preach, a meritocratic system of government, however don’t you know that the world is getting smaller with the existence of internet media and the people around the world would not be bluff anymore ?

My estimation is that this vicious cycle would continue and we would remain as the Pariahs of Singapore for a very long time

There are so many Malay MPs in parliament, however none of them have the guts to tell our three Prime Minister about what they should not do for the well being of our country, they should have told our Prime Ministers ? racial segregation is bad for the country, politics of the sixties are not relevant anymore to Singapore, we have come a long way, we speak the same lingo in which we called Singlish, we have grown to accept ever y body’s habit and culture

For economic viability the defense sector should remove their suspicions against the Malays, are we not your true blue Singaporean brothers and sisters ?

The Malays are not known to be a business man, but we are a good and well discipline employees, and has been proven time and again Malay soldiers and police officers don’t back out on their duty to protect their country
I see the defense sectors as a good job opportunity and an opportunity to protect our beautiful country

I have some Filipino friends who spoke Singlish like us, some PRCs nurses who speak with the word ‘lah’, my doctor from India spoke with the word ‘lah’ too these are all genuine people who genuinely wanted to live and build our country together with us, and we have accepted them, if we can accept these people why cant the PAP accept us and remove all their suspicions ?

Source: Atan Flybaits 

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