Australian Animal Rights Probe into Mistreatment of Sheep Flown Over For Korban in Singapore

2,200 sheep were packed into wooden crates and stacked into the cargo hold of an aeroplane.

They were destined to face fully conscious slaughter in Singapore — but their suffering began much sooner.

Temperatures became so unbearable on a flight last week, that 174 sheep were found dead upon arrival (

In their wooden crates, there was simply nowhere these animals could go — nothing they could do — to cool their bodies down. It would have been a horrible way to die.

This is the fourth major incident of animals dying on planes in only the last year.

Both sheep and cattle have endured flights from hell — with ‘deficient’ or ‘inadequate’ ventilation blamed for the horrific suffering of animals who have suffocated to death, or died from heat stress.

Their deaths — like so many others — are just written off as a ‘cost of doing business’ to an industry that knowingly puts animals at great risk, for the sake of profit.

As you read this, our team of investigators are en route back to Australia — bringing with them the stories of the other animals who have suffered terribly at the hands of this industry.

Their evidence will form the basis of significant legal complaints to ensure those responsible for their suffering will be held to account.

Source: Animals Australia

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