An Encounter With A Young And Arrogant IRAS Tax Officer

Such claims and actions by the PAP Town Council such as lawyers letters, etc are certainly typical.

A visit to the Income Tax office informing the officer of my reasons for not being employed for a certain period of time plus proof of non payment such as mortgage, PUB, etc, and thus not able to pay my outstanding income tax on previous years was rejected by the young BITCH officer. Her demeanour during the interview came across rather pompous and arrogant. She asked me to wait for her foe about 30 minutes while she reviewed my case with a SENIOR officer.

She got back to me after 50 minutes and told me that she did NOT believe my reasons for non payment thus she has to impose a penalty fee.

These young and stupid bookworm Tax officers, WHAT do they know about hard life? They come from comfortable generation and up bringing and is now being put in the TAX Government office as a intern/under study and behave like Demi Gods in deciding the faith of pheasants.

Not accepting the outcome, I decided to ask to speak with the senior officer whom she claimed to have a discussion regarding my case. This b*t*h told me that the officer in charge is engage in a staff meeting. I then told her to assign me to another officer. She told me they are all engaged. Thus, I told her that I will wait for the senior officer to finish the meeting and to get back to me while I wait at the desk where I was interviewed.

The b*t*h officer tried to wayang with me and told me she would try her best to get the officer to attend to me. Five minutes later, the senior officer attended to me. It took me within 5 minutes to explain my predicament, showed paper proof and mentioned of the wasted time which the young b*t*h officer had put me through including the statement she made to me earlier regarding her disbelieve. The senior officer returned within 5 minutes and gave me an acceptable solution. The young b*t*h who was with her appeared slightly upset and her demeanour seems deflated. My point is some of the officers working in PAP Government offices or under the umbrella of the PAP acts like a big fcuk thinking that we owe them even after we show proof of our predicament.

Please note that the income tax office of Sinkapore uses high end PLANTRONICS earphones and some high end Herman Miller office chairs. Tax payers are paying for expensive chairs in the Tax Dept to accommodate to these tender backsides working there. Is it necessary??




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