KPMG Names Singapore’s Intelligent Transport System Among Best Infrastructure Development Globally

Developing countries should take a leaf from the republic’s book.

Singapore’s Intelligent Transport System has been named among the best infrastructure developments currently under way around the world, according to KPMG International’s latest Infrastructure 100: World Markets Report 2014.

The republic’s pay-as-you-use system was described by judges as “clever” for the way it maximizes the capacity of the road network and shapes motorist behaviour with sophisticated electronic road pricing (ERP) tolls that vary according to traffic flows and are controlled in real time from an operations centre.

With a total estimated value of over US$1.73 trillion, the 100 projects illustrate a range of infrastructure investment, some with a potentially transformative impact that could change the face of nations, particularly developing ones.

Several other ASEAN projects were also selected among the 100.

These include Myanmar’s brand new communications network being built by an international consortium which, when completed, would improve internet connectivity for three main cities. It would enable Myanmar to leap directly to a wireless-driven society faster than a more mature market, empowering business and e-commerce.

Cambodia’s US$10 million Hak Se Mill Biomass Gasification which generates more affordable renewable power by turning rice husks into biogas too, was recognised for its innovation and social impact.

Alongside Singapore’s Transport System, Indonesia’s upcoming second line of its Mass Rapid Transit system in Jakarta was also honoured for the way it is designed to improve urban mobility.



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