Pregnant Woman Terminated After Only 3 Weeks With Company

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to bring up this matter to your attention.

I was just employed by this company last month on the 10th of Nov 2014 as a Receptionist cum Admin Assistant under the accounts dept.

As usual I will have to go through the procedure of 3-month probation period.

I tried to learn as fast as I could on whatever that was taught as it was a new experience for me under quickbook.

So they concentrate more on teaching me on the invoices and quickbook and the company system called APS.

I tried to learn as fast as I possibly could. Everything was fine till they did a 1-week assessment on me.

They mentioned that everything was ok except for some of the jobs that I did not do – which was not taught nor was I given any instructions to do so.

Example, to wipe the photocopier machine every morning – which I was not given any screen wipes / solution to wipe it. It was kept by another colleague.

So during that assessment they asked if I have anything else to say and I told them it is good news to me but I am not sure if it is good news to the company that I am pregnant.

They did not say anything and the HR exec noticed the concern on my face and I told her yes I am because I need the job to cope with this pregnancy. So she said they will look upon my performance.

So I agreed  because thinking its under 3-month probation period and I can learn more things and contribute to the company.

I did not take any sick leave for myself, I was never late for work, I do not have any conflicts with colleagues, the colleague who taught me quick book even said that I did no mistakes on the keying in on the system and invoices and I would even answer the phone calls within 1 phone ring.

Even when I have done an outstanding job, I would come up to her and even asked her if there’s anything else for me to do as I need to keep myself occupied with something and learn new things and she would say “nope not now”.

Apparently since the last week of  November, I noticed the coldness from the colleagues.

For example they did not let me do the job that I am supposed to do like the stationery updates. They would take from my desk and do it themselves instead of teaching me.

On Sat 29th Dec, I sensed something not right as I can’t logged into my PC as it has been disabled.

And I checked with my accts mgr and the HR Exec  told me to check with boss in case boss “accidentally” they deleted my acct while deleting the previous staffs’ account.

So I went up to him and he ignorantly said “Oh did I? Sorry, you can try to log in again within 5 minutes” so ok, I pushed the negative thoughts and tried and yes I can log in after that.

On Mon 1st Dec, I report to work as usual. As usual no one said anything.

I submitted my leave for my pregnancy checkup on the 16th Dec to my accounts manager and she took it without saying anything.

But around 4pm+ the HR exec called me in to the meeting room. I suspected something already.

She said:  “I’m sorry but the company decided to terminate you”.

I was kind of shocked and asked for the reason and she said because its because my performance.

I asked her why am I judged on my performance within 3 weeks and she said if 1 month we don’t see any good performance they will terminate.

But it’s not even a month and I was already judged and I asked if this has got to do with my pregnancy and they come up with an excuse of my performance so I won’t be able to report to MOM and she kept quiet for a while and said:  “No its not. This is what the boss told me and I am telling you.”

I was angry and upset because there was a girl who joined the same day as me and her sales manager gave her 6 months to learn and I was given weeks? Now I am jobless all because of the unfairness of the company.

I have called the MOM for help and have been advised that for my case I may not be entitled for maternity (something which I can give and take about as what I really need is a job to support myself for the next few months). but I still fall under the Employment Act.

I am really looking forward to seeing something being done here to employers who can terminate expectant mothers at will. Even most part-time jobs do not accept any pregnant mothers.

Please do look into this case. Attached are a copy of my employment letter, my last payslip and my termination letter.

I am looking forward to your kind reply.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Roslinda Binte Idris.



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