MUIS Staying Silent Despite Calls For Greater Transparency On Its Accounts

There have been some disclosures made about MUIS on this page recently.

Whether it is turning away the needy, the use of zakat to pay MUIS staff salary, lack of transparency in waqf or riba, there are real concerns in how MUIS is conducting itself.

For instance, is MUIS dealing with riba with its own subsidiaries?

According to MUIS annual report, MUIS charges 3.75% interest on a $29,528,837 loan to its subsidiary.

Why is MUIS, supposedly the highest Islamic authority in Singapore dealing with riba?

When Allah has declared war against anyone who are involved with riba.

We emailed MUIS last Friday and did not even receive an acknowledgement.

MUIS Accounting

Nevertheless, we will like to remind our brothers and sisters to reserve judgement until there is full disclosure.

And reserve judgement until we hear from MUIS.

We are raising questions. We have contacted MUIS to gain clarification.

MUIS has refused to respond.

This is one of the problems we face as a community. MUIS does not respond to the community. It is a statutory body that reports to the government.

Not to us.

And yet, they are supposed to be the highest Islamic authority.

This is where the problem lies. It demands the authority to lead us but refuse to explain itself or its decisions.

Not even the Khulafah Ar Rasyideen behaved in this way. The Khulafah accepted being questioned and corrected in public.

MUIS refuse to even respond. Instead, they took out advertisement to tell the community a half truth.

Insha Allah we will reveal a lot more issues concerning MUIS. Until they respond, we suggest that while all of us recognise the problems, let us continue to reserve judgement.

May those granted amanah live up fully to it.

May those who lead us gain the courage to truly lead.

And May we be a community that is always on haq.


Source: Singapore Muslims for an Independent MUIS Facebook Group

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